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Henrihs Binans Emerging artist

Henrihs Binans

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Henrihs Binans takes part in group exhibitions since 2016 and finished his Master’s degree at Art Academy of Latvia, printmaking department in 2020. To find inspiration Henrihs Binans makes a jump into a deeper self, using shamanic practices and rituals, which were widespread throughout all of human mankind’s history. In mind-altered states visions come, some of them artist remembers more vivid than others. Later visions gain form and shape in his works. Preferred printmaking techniques are large-scale linocut and silkscreen printing.


Beginning by Henrihs Binans
200 x 90 cm
Freedom by Henrihs Binans
220 x 104 cm


Mushroom pickers in the mycelium mowing by Henrihs Binans
Mushroom pickers in the mycelium mowing  
200 x 100 cm

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