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Eve Luik

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Eve Luik (1949) has been engaged in painting and graphics since 1965. working as an advertising artist at the time. Eve Luik has been a member of the Union of Estonian Artists since 1992. Since the same year, she has been a teacher at Tartu Children’s Art School. Eve Luige’s works have been exhibited at exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Italy, France, Switzerland, China, Japan, as well as reproduced on postcards, posters, magazines and as illustrations in books. His works of magical density and meditative immersion have found their way into many private collections. Eve has also worked as an interior designer and as a fashion designer and make-up artist in beauty salons in Tartu. For a long time, the artist has also practiced Chi – Jog – Kata, imitating eastern martial arts, and passed on his skills as a coach in the Sports Hall of the University of Tartu.
      The more active exhibition activity of the painter and graphic artist from Tartu began in the 1990s. His first solo exhibition was in Tallinn in 1993. The last major annual exhibitions are in Tartu Kunstimajas and a series of solo exhibitions in Tartu, Tallinn and elsewhere in Estonia. In the meantime, the artist known as an imaginative and art nouveau master of lines has worked in several different directions, drawing influences from both contemporary art and deepened sculpture. Of particular interest is the topic of Vikings, the latter in connection with the development of “Vikingite Küla” near Tallinn, the creation of which began in 2007.


Forest knight  
115 x 90 cm
139 x 110 cm
Night serenade  
200 x 80 cm
91 x 60 cm
Solar rain  
143 x 194 cm
134 x 110 cm
140 x 194 cm
78 x 118 cm
154 x 193 cm
143 x 192 cm
Light code  
95 x 119 cm
Harlequin precursor  
144 x 193 cm

Mixed media

In the phase of the moon  
78 x 69 cm
In the red twilight  
96 x 150 cm
Green pleasure  
96 x 150 cm
In the center of live  
140 x 194 cm
In the grid of options  
176 x 80 cm