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Bach Babach

Bach Babach is one of the first graffiti artists in Estonia, also known for being an active promoter of hip-hop culture. Babach started as an graffiti artst in 1990s and has primarily focused on stencil technique, having also produced aerographic paintings. Babach has graduated from the Tartu Art School and Tartu Art College, working later as a lector in the latter.

Bach Babach has, among other things, authored the largest graffiti in Tartu and his works have found their way to places like Tallinn Airport´s passenger terminal and album cover of the Estonian pop-folk band „Kõrsikud“. As a signature tag of the artist, a black silhouette of a man cab be found on and around Babach´s works.

Photo: Kalev Saar, Tartu Postimees

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