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Arta Raituma Emerging artist

Arta Raituma (1996) is an emerging artist from Latvia. She has obtained bachelor’s and master’s degree at Art Academy of Latvia, painting department. In 2018 the artist took place in an exchange program to study at Accademia di Belle Arte di Venezia in Venice for 6 months and her work was included in the private collection of the academy.

Raituma’s artistic path has evolved and shifted during these years therefore her current practice combines painting with performance, photography, writing, installation and a self-developed burning technique. In her practice she is focusing on the exploration of the sublime in nature and liminal states as well as creative placemaking through engaging with communities and investigating relationships between natural and urban environments.

The artist has had 4 solo shows in Latvia and several performances, she has participated more than in 30 group shows and obtained several scholarships, for instance Latvian painter’s Valdemārs Tone scholarship in 2019. Her most recent solo show took place at ‘Galeria Pada’ in Lisbon, Portugal, 2020.

Raituma has worked at 3 art galleries, most recently at contemporary art gallery ‘No-No’ in Lisbon, Portugal, 2020. In 2021 Raituma started assisting and curating exhibitions for a British art collective ‘InFems Art Collective’. In May 2021 the artist founded an artist-run-space in Riga ‘Riga’s Highest Gallery’ in a collaboration with artist Linda Vilka. Arta Raituma has also stayed in 4 artist residencies in 2020 and 2021, the most recent one has been artist residency ‘OSSO’ in Portugal in September 2021.




Movement 1  
Movement 2  
The Time and the Burning  
Monsanto II  


The Soul Spinner