NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Arta Indriksone Emerging artist

Visual art is something I have pursued through all my education and personal studies since youth. Spatial imagination, sense of light, shadow and color has been in the core of everything I have done. My interests are varied, and some of them I have pursued more deeply, thinking that good visual skills are aiding that. Although recent reflections have led me to decide otherwise, my passion for visual expression is my main theme with my interests and knowledge aiding it. My educational foundation is in geography, with concentration to natural geography, continuing my studies in geology. I am deeply interested in the natural environments, connections and patterns between its elements. Adding visual art elements, the collaborative result intrigues me even more. There is so much I have the interest to explore visually, and possibly spatially, I am yet to cease exploring different techniques and variations between my knowledge of natural sciences and visual expression.


Hidden terrae incognitae of the mind, IX/X  
Hidden terrae incognitae of the mind, IX/X