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Justīne Seile

Justīne Seile

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Läti

Justīne has studied at Liepāja Collage of Art and Design painting department (2012-2014), Art Academy of Latvia, Bachelor painting department (2014-2018) and Art academy of Latvia, Masters in painting department (2018-….

She finds inspiration for paintings from strong emotional life experiences, real events from her own life. Therefore, the main character in the paintings usually is herself or her friends and family members. She is interested in human portrait and body. Lights and shades are very important in her works, it makes situations full of drama. Ideas which she chooses to paint is dramatized, caricatured and usually ironized situations with little bit of humor which includes peculiar compositions and challenging color choices.


tricks and tips - Justīne Seile
tricks and tips  
100 x 100 cm
Young adult - Justīne Seile
Young adult  
120 x 150 cm

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