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Borderand_2, 2021


cotton paper

In project “Borderland” I analyze the concept of the border through process of photoshooting myself in different spaces and states. In each part (volume) I choose what in my opinion has a duality and try to find their borders.

I analized a contemporary person’s fear appeared due to wild nature. Developing science and technologies created comfort conditions for a human being, and despite of our closer nature with a wild like any alive creature, we started to feel a gap between our states – like a wild creature and a person formed by society, but also with such technological growth, the appearance of various semi-magical practices has also increased – esotericism, numerology, astrology due to the crisis of trust a contemporary person to official media and etc.

In the project, I analyze also the process of turning scientific progress into magic, returning to the levels of primitive perception of the world that arise when the gap between understanding how it works and fear of technology as something otherworldly increases, analyzing with the help of photography and creating objects using my own experience, emotions and doubts.

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