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Haus Gallery represents two renowned Finnish artists. Acknowledged professionals sharing a studio in a suburb of Helsinki have decided to display the collections of their new paintings in Tallinn together, yet separately. Both series are titled and inspired by nature and the eccentric nature of colours. Life is good and colour appeals!

The exhibition space today is full of positivity and extraordinary colours that totally contradict the stereotypes of Northern art. The colours draw the viewer in with strong force, carrying the eye through red, green, yellow and more – through brightness and lushness, power and restraint, smoulder and stillness. Colours that have thousands of imaginary landscapes and thoughts hidden in them. Images that can be viewed however one’s eye and imagination dictates, without the obligation to see what the artist has wanted to show, instead, with every viewer’s personal liberty to shape the meaning and landscapes of this art for themselves. In this exhibition, the freedom of interpretation is not a choice but an objective. Sit in the space of red landscape, sense its glow and distances, and the green rain over the surface of the painting and the surface of your soul, let yourself be carried into the uniquely yellow, radiant atmosphere of Lapland nighttime sun. Experience the feelings behind the experiences and beyond.

Elvi Rangell has spoken about her paintings:

When times and rough, nature brings strength and comfort. Green is a colour that takes me into two worlds at once, the real and the imaginary. To me, forest is safe and protective, simultaneously revealing another world behind itself, a world that becomes whatever its experiencer will make it out to be. I want my paintings to be viewed just like that, taking time and going along with the image, wherever it takes you. I want to let the autonomous universal harmony and our own energies to move alongside each other.

Elvi Rangell decided to dedicate her life to art at a very conscious age, after years of working on another field. From 2003 to 2007, she studied at Art School MAA and Art School Alfa in Helsinki. She has had exhibitions in Finland, Estonia and Denmark.

Elina Laurinen speaks:

The light in this series has been derived from the strange nightless nights of Lapland. Although it seems like I only paint colours, it is actually people that have always inspired me, mostly via experience and feelings that they carry, the moments spent together, seemingly fleeting moments to be captured, much like the flickering colours on my paintings. The colours are not merely visible but palpable. When viewing my artworks, it is best to look behind the colours, through all the layers that makes up the image.

Elina Laurinen was born in Rovaniemi, Finland. In 2007, she graduated Art School Alfa with the scholarship of graduating visual artist. Laurinen is also a distinguished art educator and organizer of art events.

Gallery name: Haus gallery

Address: Uus 17, Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 11:00 - 16:00

Open: 08.08.2020 - 05.09.2020