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Tondo from the series "Flowers". The first two layers of the composition (pink version), 1975

By Malle Leis

Printout of the Polish Baroque castle set.

Artwork belongs also to Kumu collection (also unsigned). Technique developed by the artist and sure handwriting precludes forgery, so the lack of a signature does not affect the price of the work.

Prints from the series “Flowers”. The minimalist prints capture the first two layers from the series “Flowers”, which were made in a complex and personal silk screen printing technique developed by Malle Leisi and Villu Jõgeva. A series of silk screen prints in the Tondo format was ordered to decorate the interior of Rydzyna Castle (Poland), reconstructed as an engineer’s residence in the 1970s. In addition to the cultural-historical value, the prints highlight Malle Leis’ ability to create a strong image that has a wholesome effect while being partial. (05.10.2020)


Source: Graphic Art Collection  of Art Musem of Estonia


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