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Mother Rage , 2020


Ristpiste valmisobjektil

Fear and frustration, ignorance and anticipation disguised in a ‘we will manage’ attitude tend to create a tangled mess of feelings that seeks a release in the form of fury. To avoid kicking a car that passes too close, physically attacking a neighbour who fails to respect the silence of the night, or saying something nasty to a person dear to you, it is essential to find a destruction-free way to eliminate the rage. Hanna Piksarv took up embroidery and got even more proof of her conviction from her previous projects that traditional women’s handicrafts have served as techniques for coping with life.

Foto teosest Stanislav Stepaško

The work is exhibited Estonian Artists’ Spring Exhibition 2021 until 30.05.2021 and will be transported after that.

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