NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Collected View, 2022


Imagon on Gampi paper, backing on non-woven fabric My graduation project is an installation of two works: Collected View and Map. The Installation was exhibited for the first time in Kuvan Kevät 2022 – MFA Degree Show of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki. Collected View is a tripartite artwork consisting of seven individual prints glued together. The work is made with imagon, a photograph-based printmaking technique. The imagon prints are based on old photos from my family album that were taken during different eras (my father’s childhood in the 60’s, when my parents bought back the place in the 80’s and from the winter 2021). The photos were taken by different people from the same milieu. One of the photos is of an old document from the late 19th century. The place appearing in the photos is my and also my father’s childhood home. Images from the different eras create a collective vision of home. In the beginning of the project, I had a question on my mind about the relationship between the geographically existing place and its representation that exists in memories, dreams and imagination. At one point during the project, my mentor gave me a photobook called Tales of Tono by a Japanese pohotographer Daido Moriyama. In the book Moriyama writes about the concept of the original landscape. The original landscape is an utopia consisting of several childhood memory fragments and it exists only in memory. The motive behind Collected View was to grab onto that very idea of original landscape. I think that the Imagon technique can function as a metaphor for the act of remembering. The printmaking process molds the original photograph into a new visual entity which is no longer associated with the straightforward idea of depicting something that used to exist with certainty.

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