NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Amnesia. From Darkness to Light, 2018


The artist´s comment on the artwork:

“”Amnesia. From darkness to light“ – is a project, a journey from darkness to light and the search of harmony. Topic chosen to analyze: a battle between mind and a heart/philosophical amnesia. How does philosophical amnesia look and how does a person experience it?

It is a book project which consists of oil painting illustrations from Kristina’s personal painting exhibition “Akimirka”, calligraphy and digital typography. All of these medias combined form a final book. A body. It is a representation of conceptual battle between mind (digital typography printed on linen) and consciousness (calligraphy flow). Human figure (oil illustrations) symbolize the mediator between this battle, a thinker and the one who decides which side one chooses: to remember and rise, or to stay in amnesia.”